Introducing Key Assets Group (Europe)

Key Assets Group (Europe) is a registered company in the UK and is made up of a network of social enterprises across Europe, underpinned by strong values and a commitment to improving outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Our cultural sensitivity, demonstration of quality and business acumen success has been recognised through confidence in contracting by our partners and through award accolades. We provide services to over 2000 children and young people and our workforce is made up of over 500 staff and foster carers.

Our Purpose

“Is to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children, families and communities”

Key Assets Group (Europe) Network of organisations

Key Assets Group (Europe)

Key Assets Group Limited (hereinafter known as Key Assets) is a leading European provider of social services, using a multi-disciplinary trained workforce Key Assets has worked with thousands of children and young people and provided support to families during the last 4 years.

Key Assets is led by our founder, Jim Cockburn, a former social worker, and is inspired by his vision to make a positive and lasting difference to children and families.

The principle activity of the company is to provide children and family social services across 4 countries.  Our group of companies works in partnership with government and non-government agencies.  The range of services we provide includes Out of Home Care, family and community Support Services and Expert advice and consulting.  Key Assets provides strategic, operational and practice oversight for the group.  Services to children, families and communities are delivered by the company’s subsidiaries and associates.

We operate in Ireland, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

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United Kingdom

The UK website is currently under development

Martin James Foundation - Key Assets Group (Global) Network of organisations

Key Assets Global Partners

Key Assets Group (Europe) works in partnership with Key Assets (Canada). Key Assets (Asia), Key Assets (Australia), Key Assets (New Zealand), and the Martin James Foundation (MJF).

Key Assets (Canada) provides out of home care and child and youth support services.

Key Assets (Asia) is engaged in activities to support the growth of foster families that meet the needs of children in out of home care.

Key Assets (Australia) is one of the leading non-government fostering agencies in Australia.

Key Assets (New Zealand) provides specialised foster care services for children and young people throughout New Zealand.

The MJF is an international charity, registered by the UK’s Charities Commission, committed to protecting and improving the lives of vulnerable children.