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Key Assets – The Children’s Services Provider was established in 2007.  A social enterprise underpinned by strong values and a commitment to improving outcomes for children and young people across the world.  Through social impact investment from Jim Cockburn, the pioneering founder of the UK’s leading children’s services provider, The Core Assets Group, and in partnership with local innovative and experienced child care professionals, services have been established across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America.  Led by founding Chief Executive Officer, Estella Abraham and working with local Directors the initial vision was to establish quality foster care services for children and young people who were difficult to place.  The confidence to develop this service was borne out of the experience of developing foster care services in the Republic of Ireland in 2005 and recognising the positive impact this had in terms of creating additional placement choice for government sector partners.

Extending to Western Australia and New Zealand simultaneously in 2007 was a huge challenge and indicative of our commitment to innovate and respond.  We were not content with a single demonstration project or service and so the urgency was to create an international footprint and our pace of development became important to establish presence and brand.  Our cultural sensitivity, demonstration of quality and business acumen success has been recognised through confidence in contracting by government and non-government partners and through award accolades.

More than a decade later our global reach has expanded and we are operating in 8 countries (see map) and delivering the full continuum of care and related services.  We provide services to over 2000 children and young people and our workforce is made up of 1800 staff and foster carers.

Our commitment to capacity building in vulnerable communities is underpinned through our partnerships with For Our Children (Bulgaria), the Martin James Foundation (UK), the Centre for Excellence in Alternative Care (India) and the Nippon Foundation (Japan).  We also recognise the importance of research and evidence based practice which led our founder to fund development of the Rees Centre at Oxford University.


What is in our name – Key Assets?

An ‘asset’ is something of value.  We take care of ‘assets’ and we invest in them in order to have future benefit and impact.

Our name reflects our belief that children and young people are valuable and precious!  They are the future and we must do everything we can to support them to grow up in safe and caring environments that help them to lead successful lives.  We see children and young people as the ‘key assets’ of this future.

We also recognise that in order for children and young people to do well in life that there are ‘key developmental assets’ that need to be nurtured and invested in.  Areas such as education, emotional well-being, cultural identity, belonging and health require our time and investment.  We want our young people to be resilient.

Our name ‘key assets’ reflects the role that individuals and teams make in nurturing and caring for young people.  We would say that our staff, our foster carers and the families of children and young people are also ‘key assets’ in supporting them to reach their full potential.


What is in our brand logo?

Our brand logo is universally applied across our group.  It is our way of saying that we are ‘One Company, with many products’.

So what does it mean?  As a social enterprise operating across 3x continents the circle reflects that we are a global company, it is the world globe.  The coloured ribbons represent the diversity of our services or products and how they interlink with each other, demonstrating how we deliver a continuum of care.  The small circular gap in the side of the logo can be seen in 2x ways, either for you to look through and to see what is next on the horizon or that our work is continually evolving and there is always room to do more, there is space to fill.

Our brand logo connects us across 8 countries and multiple language groups it represents our common purpose ‘to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children, families and communities’.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children, families and communities


Impact Statement:

We will achieve our purpose by positively impacting the lives of children, young people, their families and carers through quality services and expert advice designed to provide support, build confidence; improve skills, develop relationships and strengthen resilience.

Key to what we do is our culture and core values of:

  • Recognising everybody counts and is accountable
  • Providing high quality and safe services
  • Achieving excellence through continuous improvement
  • Cultivating knowledge, innovation and learning


Our Pledges:

Children, young people and families

  1. Set high standards for ourselves and the care and support we provide for you
  2. Be on your side and accept you for who you are and what you want to be
  3. Prioritise your safety, connections and build your resilience
  4. Be passionate, caring and respectful in everything that we do
  5. Listen to and learn from you so that we can do things better

Our customers, carers and staff

  1. Deliver excellence through quality service provision, collaboration and measuring outcomes
  2. Act with honesty and transparency
  3. Deliver innovative services in cost effective ways
  4. Challenge the norm, ask questions and keep our promises
  5. Conduct our business with financial integrity to achieve sustainability and value


  1. Build a socially responsible and friendly presence in each of our communities
  2. Value diversity and inclusion and act with cultural sensitivity and respect
  3. Be creative and flexible to respond to each community’s unique needs
  4. Recruit, train, support and retain the best people to deliver services
  5. Contribute to shared learning through research and partnerships

Centralised Support Services

Operating across continents and cultures, the Key Assets group of companies and jurisdictions are empowered to retain decision making and control at a local level, whilst being supported by our UK-based team.  The support hub provides specialist support, governance and direction in the areas of:


Key Assets – The Children’s Services Provider

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