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Familjehem I Fokus

Familjehem I Fokus (FIF) finds flexible solutions to the needs of individual clients with a blend of services including:

  • Fostering / Home-based Care Packages
  • Specialist Parent & Child Placements
  • Sanctuary Seeking Placements
  • Residential care Services
  • Bespoke packages of care

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Vard i Fokus

Care in Focus (VIF) offers flexible care for children and young adults in both residential and outpatient care, in close cooperation with FIF. We offer:

  • Residential Care for boys 13-18 years old with relationship and affiliation needs as well as their consequences
  • Residential Care for girls 13-21 years old with honour related violence and protection needs in combination with psychosocial problems. We also can offer placements for women 18 years and above with children.
  • Outpatient care for children and adolescents up to 18 years old in families as well as young adults placed in apartments or in their own homes.

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